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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Upcoming Changes to ClassicalRap

I'm going to go in a few additional directions with this blog in the upcoming weeks.  I will be writing fewer informational posts of my own and directing you to places I've found on the internet for interesting information on classical music.

I will be setting up some pages for artists and performers to post their original work as either mp3s, links to web pages or Pdf.  I think it will help get the blog underway with some discussion.  Please do not post any material for which you do not own a copyright.  If it's recorded work by a 3rd party, chances are you do not own the copyright.  If it's your own original recording or composition, chances are you do.

I try to find information on classical performances in areas around the world.  Whatever information I find I will post in a thread entitled: "Performances Around the Globe."  Hopefully we can have some discussion on how these performances went.  I encourage you to post your input.

Also, a few policy issues:

If you become a "follower" of this blog you may elect to include whatever personal information Blogger requires.  I'm not certain if I as the administrator have access to such information, but as policy, no personal information will ever be shared with outside parties.  This includes email addresses, first and surnames, addresses, phone numbers or any other type of information.  I encourage viewers to use a pseudonym when posting here.  If you elect to use your own name, please be careful about the potential for linking by onlookers or other participants.  I can't be held responsible for the actions of others.

Posting is open on this blog.  This means that anyone may post here.  This also means that everyone must remain extra careful with the use of language and with their general attitude towards others.  I reserve the right to delete posts, which I find inflammatory or offensive to our readers or myself.  With that said, this will remain an open blog with minimal moderation.  Please remember that there may be children present and we need to keep things family oriented.

Off topic discussion:  If you have something to say that is not on topic, please post in a thread that is headed "Off Topic."  I will post at least one "Off Topic" thread per week.  This will allow the discussion in other threads to flow better.

This post will remain as a permanent page on the blog and will be updated as needed.

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