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Monday, June 6, 2011

If it ain't Baroque... (Part Three)

We continue our quest into Albinoni's works as correctly attributed to him.  From our last thread we began an inquiry into the origin of Albinoni's famous Adagio and discovered that it had actually been composed by Giazotto sometime after World War II.  Since there may be some who still contend that it belongs in Albinoni's catalogue, we're on a quest to distinguish the works of Giazotto from the works of Albinoni, to see if one can determine by listening, the differences.  Well, unfortunately, with much online research, I was unable to find any more works by Giazotto other than the Adagio.  So we will not be able to do such a comparison.  However, I think it would be good to continue with discovering Albinoni's music.  So with that in mind,

Here's Albinoni's Concerto in D minor, Opus 9, No. 2 with some wonderful photos of his home town of Venice, Italy - one of my favorite cities to visit.  I was there in 1979 and again in 1980 on a trip with my school, Salzburg International Preparatory School (SIPS) (Now The American International School in Salzburg).

Here's the 2nd movement - the Adagio,

and the 3rd movement here.

Here's an interesting brief biography of Albinoni on Naxos, with a listing of recordings of his works available from them.

Here's an interesting biography on Remo Giazotto.

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