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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Land That Time Forgot?

Is classical music in a a land that time forgot?

Or are we classical music aficionados simply time travel embassadors for a genre that can only get better with time like a fine bottle of wine?

In the above linked article the author states:

With track titles like “string quartet in D major, op 2, part one, III adagio”, and concerts that involve knowing the right time to clap, classical music sometimes looks like it comes from a land that time forgot.
That is the argument of BBC Radio 1 DJ Kissy Sell Out, who on Thursday night will be proposing a motion at the Cambridge Union that “this house believes classical music is irrelevant to today’s youth”.
“In the context of modern culture, classical music just doesn’t speak the same language,” he says.

Maybe I'm one of the snobs of classical music, but I rather like the title "string quartet in D major, Opus 2, part one, III adagio."  It gives a rather comfortable reference so I can look it up and find a recording of it if I happen to know the composer.  I enjoy a good rock concert now and again, but I go to concerts to hear the music, not the cheers from my annoying neighbor, so knowing when to clap is important.  It's also a long held tradition with this sort of music.

So, by all means, take me back to the land that time forgot!

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