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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Something Baroque, Something Romantic (Part One)

Here's some Orchestral selections from YouTube for style comparisons:


Handel - Water Music Suite One, Part One - Composed - 1717

JS Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 - Composed - 1721


Mozart - Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K 550 (1st movement) - Composed - 1788

Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 in C major, Opus 67 (1st movement) - Composed - 1808


Glinka - Russlan and Ludmilla Overture - Composed - 1842

Dvorak - Symphony from the New World (1st movement) - Composed - 1893

20th Century:

Holst - The Planets - Composed - 1916

Bartok - Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta (1st movement) - Composed - 1936

Are you an expert yet?  Can you tell some differences?  Of course these are just examples.  There are a large variety of styles from each era.  If you're new to Classical music, you should obtain a good grasp of these differences as we continue in the discussion.

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