ClassicalRap is a forum for discussion and information on classical music genres from the Baroque through the 20th Century eras in particular. Information will be provided on the various genres of classical music in these eras, and discussions will involve the lives of composers, their works, and standard and new recording releases. This is not a blog about Rap music.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

If You Build It....

Hopefully they will come.

If you're here and you noticed there's no comments, or only a few comments, that's because we're just getting started.

I've tried to make my posts interesting and fun.  Hopefully you find them so as well.

My desire is to create a central source of information and discussion on classical music.  It's a passion of mine among others.  Hopefully this blog will spark an interest for classical music with others, or it will gain the interest of still others who already have a passion for classical music and wish to share their expertise.

So if you're a novice, I hope you gain some insight and have fun.

If you're an expert, I hope you contribute some new information and insight and also have fun.

Eventually I will open the blog for other contributors who have a particular expertise or passion.

I'm pretty much a novice as well, although I do have some insight particularly in the Classical era.  I guess you could say I'm an aspiring amateur musicologist (therefore I "aam").  I also compose classical music.  I'm self-taught, but I need much improvement.  I do it for the pleasure, expressive passion and education.

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